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Simple Sampler: create instruments online

Soundation’s Simple Sampler is your ultimate online virtual instrument. This intuitive and powerful sampler lets you record or import audio to create playable instruments. Shape your sound with the built-in controls and effects or choose between hundreds of awe-inspiring presets.

Import and record audio samples

The Simple Sampler uses single audio files, which can be triggered and played back at different pitches across the keyboard. Drag and drop audio samples from our extensive sound library or from your personal collection. To stay in the creative flow, record audio directly within the Simple Sampler. The root note will automatically get detected for immediate playability.

Have total control

Take charge of your sound with the Simple Sampler's comprehensive controls. Set and fine-tune pitch, ADSR amp envelope, start and end points, and loop options. Select polyphonic or monophonic playback with or without glide. Add any of Soundation’s audio effects to shape the sound further. Create your signature sound and make your music stand out.

Explore a vast sonic palette

Explore a growing library of carefully crafted Simple Sampler presets. These presets are designed to save time and inspire with a wide range of instruments. Find essentials and oddities from all decades and styles. Load a preset to jumpstart your creative process and tweak it to make it your own.

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808 drillslide

808 drillslide



Vinyl choir

Vinyl choir

The social online sampler

With the Simple Sampler, you can bring any of your favorite sounds into Soundation and manipulate them online from anywhere. Collaborate with and share your sampled instruments with your friends and grow together as music producers, musicians, and sound designers.

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