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Soundation’s Beatmaker is the best online sequencer and sampler for beat making. Get started quickly with high-quality pre-made kits and beats. Add your own sounds for that personal touch. Make beats together with your classmates at the same time on the same beat.

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Quick and easy inspiration

Nothing’s worse than a blank page when you’re in a creative rut. That’s when you need inspiring starting points. The Beatmaker comes packed with inspiring beats and kits in all kinds of styles.

The kits are created by professional music producers to sound great from the get-go. Each kit comes with a beat pattern, which you can build on top of or completely change by drawing your own.

Leave your fingerprint

Breaking away from the presets is necessary if you want your beats to stand out. The Beatmaker allows you to add that personal touch. Import your own audio files and tweak the sounds with envelope, pitch, volume, and pan directly from the Beatmaker. Draw in your own patterns and creative rhythms.

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Make better beats together

Collaboration is a powerful way to make great music. Swapping ideas and building each other up as a team is the ticket to growth and learning. Soundation’s Beatmaker lets you make beats together with your classmates in the same project, at the same time. You’ll be able to see your friends' cursors and every move they make is updated instantly.

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